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Budget pricing, not so budget performance!

Why a NFP OpenVZ Virtual Private Server?

Are you looking for brilliant performance whilst on a budget? Are you looking for a Linux VPS that runs virtually any server software? Well here's the plan for you! Our Budget VPS plans run on the OpenVZ technology which is used in all corners of the industry to provide affordable servers to all, running under one kernel! OpenVZ containers are always reliable and fast, offering top notch performance for just a small fee per month...

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NFP Hosting Features

True 24/7 customer support - professional staff ready to assist you!

Up to date distrubitions

We use the latest Linux distributions, for your satisfaction. The very latest and most popular distrubutions are on offer from NFP Hosting!

Free DDOS Protection

Our services are protected around the clock by DDOS protection, meaning your website will never go down from pesky attackers. EVER!

SolusVM Control Panel

SolusVM is in the industry standard. Therfore, we use the most popular control panel which users love and are familar with!

Feel at home with SolusVM.

SolusVM - easy to learn, fast to use and adapted to work with all devices and browsers alike! Control panels can be hard to use and complex. Not SolusVM!

Never lose your work

Our servers utilise RAID-10 arrays, therefore, in the event of powerloss, your data is safe and not lost due to it being avaliable on multiple hard drives.

Secure VPS Hosting

No matter what, OpenVZ provides a secure environment where the user is jailed to the VPS container. It's simply impossible for the user to get out of the environment. You are safe with us!

Fast Performance

NFP Hosting utilises high performance, server grade hard disks so you have the secuirty and peace of mind, of using our service knowing you are on top notch hardware, which cuts no corners.

Money Back Guarantee

We offer a three day money back guarantee, so if you are dissatisfied for any reason, you may submit a claim to recieve 100% of your money back; providing you do not violate our terms and conditions.

Free Migration

Coming from another OpenVZ host? We will gladly migrate you over to our platform for free, providing you provide us with a ZIP of your VPS' container. There are no additional costs in this process.

We Gurantee You'll Be Satisfied

99.99% of our customers are with us because we provide a solid service. Fact. Anything wrong? We fix it right away. However, usually nothing is wrong with the provided service. Ever! Customers just love us!

If something is wrong, we will make every single effort in order to rectify it. That's a NFP promise.

Frequently Asked Questions

We do not offer trials. Put simply, due to abuse of a trial, we only provide service upon payment.

Refunds are offered within three days of your order date. There are no exceptions to this policy after the said three days.

Our servers are connected by multiple gigabit uplinks, so we can provide a 100Mbps uplink to each customer!

Budget VPS plans can be deployed in either New York or Los Angeles. You can choose your desired location in the order form.

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