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VPS Reseller Packages

The ultimate solution and platform for both managing and reselling Virtual Private Servers. Unwavered flexibility.

A pool of resources you can divide up however you want

Pick a plan, or let us know if you need anything different. Receive an allocation of CPU, vSwap, RAM, storage, IPv4 address space, and bandwidth. Define the size of your virtual machines and deploy from various cities.

Our Most Popular Packages

Instant setup on all packages, backed by our complimentary technical support.

General Reseller Features
VPS Creation Limit Up to 2 VMs Up to 4 VMs Up to 8 VMs Up to 12 VMs Up to 16 VMs
Cores in Pool 2 CPU Cores 4 CPU Cores 8 CPU Cores 12 CPU Cores 16 CPU Cores
Pool Storage 50GB Disk Space 100GB Disk Space 150GB Disk Space 300GB Disk Space 400GB Disk Space
RAM Allocation 2048MB (2GB) 4096MB (4GB) 8192MB (8GB) 16384MB (16GB) 16384MB (16GB)
vSwap Allocation 4096MB (4GB) 8192MB (8GB) 16384MB (16GB) 32768MB (32GB) 32768MB (32GB)
Bandwidth Allocation 2,000GB (2TB) 3,000GB (3TB) 6,000GB (6TB) 10,000GB (10TB) 10,000GB (10TB)
Network Port Speed 1,000Mbps (1Gbps) 1,000Mbps (1Gbps) 1,000Mbps (1Gbps) 1,000Mbps (1Gbps) 1,000Mbps (1Gbps)
IPv4 Allocation 2 IPv4 Addresses 4 IPv4 Addresses 8 IPv4 Addresses 12 IPv4 Addresses 16 IPv4 Addresses
Full Root Access
Multiple Linux OS Templates
DDoS-Protection Included
Deploy VMs in Los Angeles, USA
Deploy VMs in Chicago, USA
Deploy VMs in New York, USA
Instant Setup
Technical Support Included

Why Use NFP VPS Reseller Packages?

Our stable environment and value-oriented approach leaves nothing to be desired and gives you the very best platform for both internal use, and for your clients.

Deploy VMs in Multiple Locations

Quickly and easily launch VMs around the globe. Whether you are deploying virtual machines for your own purposes, company, or clients -- VPS Reseller Packages give you the flexibility of deploying VMs in the most preferential geographical data center.

Uptime Guarantee

NFP Hosting guarantees 99.99% network uptime ensuring you and your clients will be able to rely upon our services. We back this promise with a service level agreement that provides added peace of mind and assurance.

You're in Control of Your Resources

Unique to VPS Reseller Packages, you can design and deploy VMs with the exact design and allocation of resources you want! Choose a VM's CPU, memory, and storage allocation -- select your desired OS template and geographic location -- assign the IPs you want... and deploy!

We Gurantee You'll Be Satisfied

99.99% of our customers are with us because we provide a solid service. Fact. Anything wrong? We fix it right away. However, usually nothing is wrong with the provided service. Ever! Customers just love us!

If something is wrong, we will make every single effort in order to rectify it. That's a NFP promise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our VPS reseller packages fit a variety of use-cases and client needs. Small packages are perfect for individuals, small businesses, developers, and hobbyists. Larger packages provide additional resources for both larger and additional virtual machines.

The resources you receive can be divided up in endless ways to efficiently and effectively run the applications and server roles you need.

Additionally, those who wish to provide client services are able to easy deploy and manage multiple instances from a single account, whereby they can provide clients with resource upgrades and adjustments as needed.

Virtual machines can be deployed in any of our facilities - right now this includes Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York. Virtual machines can be deployed immediately in any future locations that are added.

A full refund can be requested within three days of your order date.

While we do not not offer trials, a full refund can be requested within three days of your order date.

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